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    成 人 H动 漫在线播放日本
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    The music machine ELGI compressor and held in Chongqing, screw air compressor, energy-saving technology exchange
    Date:2012-05-27 19:30:57
    The exchange will be happy to work closely with local agents Chongqing Rong scene presided after customer feedback, and are widely recognized by customers.

       88 guests attended the meeting and more from the Chongqing local and nearby areas. Music machine with general manager Wintone two screw air compressor audience to express their sincere welcome Mr. Liu Bo, director of the Chinese market, music machine detailed energy-saving technologies and products for the music machine, followed by the Business Development Manager Mr. Xu Jing described the music machine characteristics of oil-free screw compressor series specifications, and invite Chongqing user to visit the guide to Li Ka international machinery Exhibition held in conjunction with the music machine booth.
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