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    Screw Compressors made ​​after the opportunities and challenges facing
    Date:2012-05-19 23:04:58
    Screw air compressor made after the opportunities and challenges facing

    Alternative to the general power, to a great extent due to the advanced technology of screw air compressor piston air compressor, the domestic market share dramatically, have a hundred of screw air compressor production (assembly) enterprise by the end of 2005; certain size screw air compressor enterprise sales team, technical personnel, management personnel and from the enterprise spun off to form a new screw air compressor company; dealers around the sales strength of OEM production and sales entities form the join a competitive industry, and so on, you can use the "thriving" to describe screw air compressor industry. Screw air compressor business profitability is not significantly weakened, even in the economic crisis of 2008 and 2009, during the crisis, screw air compressor industry, very few companies actually exited stage screw air compressor companies have good opportunities for development. To seize this opportunity to grow and develop in the competition, to be the main ups and downs over the next several years is not so easy a thing, screw air compressor enterprises are faced with many challenges.
    Screw air compressor localization and degree of localization, localization level can be reflected from several specific aspects.
    (1) the vast majority of the market share of the Chinese market, sales of screw air compressor machine is domestic enterprises (including foreign investment, joint venture or private) production.
    (2) The unit system consistent level unit system design and control technology and the level of foreign and domestic design and production of screw air compressor products give more consideration to the Chinese environmental factors, more adapted to the climatic conditions of our country.
    (3) screw air compressor the host screw air compressors host is a core component of localization has been achieved, and the formation of the scale of production. The host level design, level of processing technology matures, such as HANBELL (Hanbell) host has experienced the past five years the market test.
    (4) screw air compressor valves and fittings screw air compressor valve and fittings to achieve full localization, including the intake control valve, temperature control valve, minimum pressure valve, air filter, oil separator filter pipe accessories dedicated controller, cooler, special motor and screw machine lubricants.
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