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    Shell Oil lubricants supplier in the world championship for three consecutive years
    Date:2012-05-05 17:16:39
    The survey showed that Shell occupies in the global lubricants market share of 13%, two percentage points higher than the second-place competitor. The data show that the operational situation is grim, Shell made the performance more than the average level of the lubricants market as a whole, and market share of continuous growth in the major growing countries. Lubricant demand in 2008 a total of about 550 tons, is the second-largest lubricants market of the world after the United States. Shell lubricants market in China occupies more than 10% share of screw air compressor reelection China's largest international lubricants supplier status.
    Said Shen Jian, general manager of Shell's lubricants business, can continue to maintain the championship status of the international oil suppliers to prove Shell consistently high quality of products and services can bring real value to customers. In 2008, Shell has won some business growth from important customers of the steel and food processing industries, screw air compressor in the passenger area to achieve substantial growth. According to Shen Jian, later this year, Shell's use of advanced technology lubricants blending plant in Zhuhai will be officially opened new lubricant research and development facilities will then be put into operation, which will expand Shell's real competition advantage.
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